Web Solution Delivered and Managed

WebTalisman landed it’s first client through word of mouth just the way we had hoped things would go when we were ready to launch WebTalisman.  We have always helped people out with tech questions and issues, so when MBO Engineering mentioned they were having issues with their site, Michele’s name was given as a trusted resource.  We were in the beginning stages of forming our company and were having a Website Design session when the call came in.  We were quickly able to see what had happened and recommend a solution.  Step by step instructions were provided to MBO Engineering Managing Member, Patricia Ott.  Over the next few days we worked with Pat to help her take control of and restore her site.  Pat was great to work with.  She jumped right in and took action, trusting our recommendations.  Pat pulled everything together – even with resources outside of the country! – and we took over from there to restore her site..  WebTalisman was horrified at what had happened to Pat and MBO Engineering.   Although we were happy to have helped, we knew we could provide MBO Engineering with a modern, attractively designed site that would much better suit MBO’s style and needs.  WebTalisman’s went to work and created a new Website design for MBO and scheduled a demo to Pat.  Pat loved the new Website Design and wanted to cut over to it immediately.

Our first happy and satisfied customer!  Pat is currently coming up with new content and ideas, and we are looking forward to further enhancing the relationship we have built with her and MBO Engineering. All we can say is Thank You MBO Engineering for giving us this opportunity and an awesome testimonial. We hope that the journey which has started on such a high note keeps its pace and we continue to impress our customers.